Hello friends and foes,

 Oh come all ye faithful. To those who have visited by and noticed there was no news lately. That would be correct. Therefore,  a new start. I have lots of things to tell you and lots of things to say. So no further delay and please feel free to add a comment.




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Happy New Year!

All though I am not very sentimental when it comes to the (consumerised) holidays, when new year comes I cannot but regain hope and a longing for a fresh start. It is as with putting on new bedding and diving into the crispy bed. Your body relaxes and you dare to dream.

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What's your passion?

This is the theme I plan to focus on the next couple of weeks. Hopefully this will give me some structure in my moments of reflection. After all, I do long for a passion for God and I want that fire rekindled. Otherwise there would be no point in me living.


The first question I want to ask myself is:

What frustrates you most?


I figured this might help to identify which people, principles and other things matter most to me.

Honesty bids me to confess that I am stuck once again. And partly that is because I have not taken time to quiet my soul and be still and wait for the Lord. Somewhere I am scared for the consequences. Also I might have started doing too much, going to school, etcetera. Maybe I was overconfident. There is so much pain and my depression didn't just go away all by itself, overnight. I need God and professional help.

I hope to post soon. No promises.

Love, Eefje


Hello everyone!

Onschuldig Oopsie. This sure has been a while. Obviously I have lots to tell you seeing that I have not really kept you updated. So first things first:

I did not forget about you and I am doing okay. 

Well, well, well...

Verlegen I have not really kept this blog going. Now don't you think I haven't been musing and thinking. It jusy hasn't gotten to this site yet. What I will do in this blog is to give you a few updates on my life. I would appreciate it if you leave a reaction (your name will do), so that I know you are still reading this weblog. Thank you kindly!

As for the updates:

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Hello again!

While on my break I realised I had not put anything on this blog for quite a while. Although I seem to remember writing a whole story about my trip and all. Maybe I didn't save it properly. That's quite strange. Yes I did because I wrote something about dressing up and surprising André as well. So what has happened in this period of time?
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